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The internet is entwined with everything we do, and thus your business needs digital marketing to grow and thrive.

Akers Media offers you a team of experienced professionals dedicated to making everything we do for you a success. After dissecting your business to get down to the core of what makes it tick, we help you develop a plan for creativity that enhances everything you do.

There’s no question that digital media advertising plays an important role in your company’s marketing strategy because it provides visibility and customer engagement. The team at Akers Media analyze your company’s existing digital landscape and then identify new strategies that have proven successful. Then we’ll go above and beyond to create the proper messaging, that will engage your target audience.

Simply put, we’re able to connect your products and services to thousands of potential clients. With so many people connected to the internet through their computers or mobile devices, the importance of digital marketing has become crystal-clear.


“This is an awesome start to the website. It captures our vision. Tell your team great job.”

Sam S.

“Akers Media did and incredible job at the photoshoot for Style Magazine! Made the experience fun, enjoyable, and most of all look fantastic!”

Jessica R

“The team at Akers has and continues to go above and beyond for us—demonstrating the true values of what it means to live and work with outstanding people in and around our community.”

Liz C

“Style Magazine has helped our real estate business reach the next level. The company provides outstanding marketing services to help us reach clients.”

Lena W

“We have worked with Doug, Kendra, and their staff for over 10 years now. They’re always professional, attentive, and improving their craft.”

Larry B

“I just wanted to say what an amazing job you guys are doing with our marketing strategy!! I didn’t realize how much we needed to “get up to speed” and we are all so pleased with your hard work and approach!”

Joanna S.

“We’ve genuinely valued our relationship with Akers and have enjoyed watching the company’s creative evolution over the years. They were particularly helpful in the early years of branding Kevco Builders.”

Joe Z

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking my ideas and making them a reality!!! Love love love working with you all!!!”

Julie T.

“Had a fun experience. They made me feel comfortable and made me laugh which helped relax me to take some good pictures. Very professional setting as well.”

Chelsea G

“Akers Media Group does a fantastic job communicating throughout Lake County with engaging and energetic media publications. Each magazine showcases well written articles and vibrant photos that keeps me ready for the next edition.”

Maria S.

“Best advertising agency around!”

Christine P

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Ready to Talk?

Do you have a big idea we can help with?

We design and develop creative strategies to help grow your business.

Ready to Talk?

Do you have a big idea we can help with?

We design and develop creative strategies to help grow your business.